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Health & Wellness Programs Boost Business Performance, Empower People

Recent survey findings show 66% of HR managers in the past five years report that their companies have broadened their health and wellness options. From offering onsite exercise, meditation, yoga and healthy cooking classes, to providing free massages, giving workers fitness tracking devices and offering onsite personal trainers, to paying employees extra money if they don’t check work email while on vacation, companies are coming up with creative ways to keep employees healthy and happy. Additionally, this trend is expected to continue over the next three to five years, with companies adding additional features that address mental, emotional, and physical health.

Arroyo is well positioned to help you create a health and wellness program aligned with your company objectives. In addition, our experienced benefits staff can assist you with implementing effective strategies and tailored communications designed to drive higher wellness engagement rates and ultimately create significant savings on health plan costs.

The Benefits of A Health & Wellness Plan

There are many benefits to having a health and wellness plan as part of your employee benefits program. Among them are:

  • Improve Employee Health Behaviors: With the right education, motivation, skills/tools, and social support, people change behaviors. Wellness programs are good at helping people adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. Healthy behaviors lead to lower health risks, and lower health risks lead to less chronic disease. With less chronic disease employees have fewer health care costs.
  • Reduce Health Care Costs: The ability of a wellness program to reduce healthcare costs depends upon how effective the program really is. A comprehensive worksite wellness program designed to improve employee behaviors will see a reduction in the healthcare cost trend. Most often employers will discover that the savings from program participation will be greater than the actual cost of the program.
  • Improve Employee Productivity: Unhealthy individual lifestyle choices may result in substantially higher levels of lost productive work time. A wellness program will help turn this around.
  • Decrease Absenteeism: Studies have shown employees with good health behaviors have lower absenteeism, as do those who can control their stress; have healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels; and are not overweight or obese.
  • Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention: Rich benefits have a powerful influence on recruitment and keeping employees loyal. When you offer your employees a wellness program, you are showing them that you care about their wellbeing.
  • Build and Help Sustain High Employee Morale: Employee morale is a huge factor in the success or failure of any business and a good wellness program helps employees to be happier and healthier.