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Added-Value Resources for Your Business Operations

With all of our clients, Arroyo is committed to reducing your business liability and exposure and optimizing your operational success.  We do this by not only providing you with a comprehensive insurance program that responds to your risk profile, but by also offering services designed to mitigate risk, ensure proper insurance values, foster a culture of safety and more.  We invite you to take a look at some of our added-value resources, and look forward to becoming a partner in protecting your business. 

Risk Management Consulting

When you partner with Arroyo, we get to really know and understand your operation. As part of our risk management consulting services, our team of seasoned and talented professionals will gain a full understanding of your management philosophy and goals, assess your daily operations and its inherent exposures, perform claims analyses, review loss control programs, conduct a review to determine if there are any gaps or overlaps in coverages, help develop safety programs, assess Workers Compensation cost drivers, and much more. Our staff will also analyze data and identify trends and opportunities in the specific industries we serve to provide solutions that bring economic value to the insurance premium dollars you spend.

Building Appraisals

Determining property values is key in having the right amount of insurance in place to protect your valuable assets. Too often, after a loss, business owners found they were underinsured. We can arrange to have a building appraisal performed to assess your total insurance value (TIV) and obtain and maintain full replacement cost insurance on the building, the common facilities and any insurable improvements. Additionally, our building appraisals will assess whether the property meets current regulatory codes; if a disaster requires rebuilding, it’s important that any current requirements that are not presently met are accounted for in the replacement cost estimate.  Accounting for demolition and removal costs is another important consideration in the appraisal process, and provided for with the proper insurance coverage in place.

Forensic Accounting

Businesses impacted by a major loss face many obstacles, including at times receiving appropriate and timely insurance payments. Arroyo offers forensic accounting services that focus on the quantification and compilation of complex insurance claims in several areas: property and business interruption, fidelity/employee dishonesty, product recall, D&O and cyber security breaches.

Employee Handbooks

Arroyo can assist you in creating or improving your employee handbook, which not only introduces your company and its employment and business philosophy to your employees, but also serves to deliver information on company policies, procedures, and benefits programs. We will help ensure that your employee handbook is compliant with California regulations (or any other state) as well as the EEOC and other government agencies. A handbook should include:

  • Your policies and practices in language individuals understand in a reader-friendly document
  • A complete set of policy statements that reflect your organization’s goals and objectives for employee relations and communications
  • All necessary legal notices and disclaimer language
  • A summary of various employee benefit plans
  • Information on non-discrimination, safety and health, performance evaluation, rules, regulations, corrective action, and harassment prevention.

Safety Compliance and OSHA Consultation

Arroyocan help keep your business and employees safe and compliant with guidelines and tools developed and maintained by expert attorneys. Our resources include the most current government guidance and best practices in the following key areas:

  • How to comply with OSHA standards
  • Special industry safety, including construction, health care, manufacturing, and transportation
  • Emergency Action Plans, and best practices for evacuations
  • Worker health, including how to prevent slips, trips, and falls